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A Safe, Comfortable Home is a Happy Home

Schedule Electrical Maintenance Services in Willis, Conroe or The Woodlands, TX

Maintaining a happy home takes effort. When it comes to your home energy needs, our Electrical Maintenance Agreement program delivers peace of mind. Whether your need electrical inspections, repairs, upgrades, additions or cleanups , Newson Electric is here to help. We offer 10 % off all service calls and 5% off all parts.

To find out more about our electrical maintenance services in Willis, Conroe and The Woodlands, TX, call us today at (936) 209-4302.

Electrical Maintenance Program ( EMP) Packages :

Maintenance Agreement Customers Will Receive:

Up to 15% Savings on Service:

EMP Members enjoy up to 15% discounts on electrical repairs and services. As always, Newson Electric offers flat rate pricing, which means we will tell you the cost in advance. Now you don't have to watch the clock or worry about surprising overtimes fees.

Front of the Line Scheduling:

Should an emergency arise with any electrical components, you will receive priority a schedule over non members. This includes nights, weekends and holidays.

Annual Safety Check:

A certified, state licensed electrician will perform a multi-point electrical safety check once per year on your home. We will also keep track of scheduling your inspections for you so you don't forget.

Protect Manufacturers' Warranties:

Manufacturer warranties require licensed technicians to perform any repairs or installations. Our licensed electrician will inspect your home's entire electrical systems looking for any safety hazards and potential energy saving recommendations.


Main Panel Boards:

We inspect the Main Electrical Panel/ Load Center to ensure the wire connection on the breaker are properly torqued ( tightened) and the breakers are properly connected to the buss bars. The screws connecting the wire to the breakers can become loose over time. We also use thermal imaging to identify any hot sports on the breakers and connections.

Arc Fault Breakers:

We inspect the ARC Fault Breaker for proper function and safety.

Receptacles ( Interior & Exterior):

We inspect all receptacles for reverse polarity, missing ground and correct wiring and proper GFCI protection. As well as, all exterior receptacles for proper cover protection as required by the latest National Electrical Code.

Smoke Detectors:

We inspect all smoke and carbon monoxide detectors for proper interconnect operation and replace the batteries FREE of charge if needed.

Lighting :

We inspect all lighting fixtures ( visual inspection).

Timers :

If you have an electrical unit on a timer, we will adjust for daylight savings time.

Surge Protection :

We inspect your home for proper surge protection and/or recommendations.

Back-Stabbed Connections or Broken Neutral :

We inspect Back-Stabbed Connections, which can be a serious fire hazard.