HVAC Services

HVAC Services

Commercial HVAC service, repair, and replacement As business owners ourselves, Newsom Electric & Mechanical understands the need to provide a safe and comfortable environment for everyone. We stay committed to providing you with reliable, affordable, and efficient commercial HVAC services in Willis, TX, and the surrounding area. Our trustworthy techs have the training needed to provide professional, responsive commercial heating and AC services. We understand that for your business or organization, time is money. A problem with your commercial HVAC system can be more than a minor inconvenience and result in severe losses. When called upon, we strive to quickly troubleshoot the problem and get you back up and running.
We also provide emergency service for urgent needs. Our team can adapt quickly to any unforeseen issues. If your HVAC system is coming to the end of its road, or you want to invest in a new system, trust us for your HVAC installation and replacement needs.

Customized maintenance program to ensure customer only pays for what they need
We will devise a custom plan tailored to your business needs and equipment. Not all equipment is the same, and not all maintenance is the same. Call us for a free estimate today.

But what should you do when your AC starts breaking down regularly? Replace it as soon as possible. Newsom Electric & Mechanical will measure square footage and do load calculations based on the temperature in your area, the property size, and the capacity to contain conditioned air when they arrive at your site. Following the evaluation, they will recommend the size and type of HVAC system and any required ducting and outside envelope repairs. All these factors play an essential role in deciding the AC replacement cost.

At Newsom Electric & Mechanical we're talking about maintenance, we're talking about things like inspection, replacement, and installation. If you're wondering what you can do to keep your air conditioning and heating system in pristine shape, then you should enroll in our maintenance plan Here's what the plan offers

  • Condenser coils cleaned
  • Examine and clean the drain pan install tabs to prevent mold and build up.
  • To avoid water overflow, inspect and clean condensate drains
  • Check for Freon leaks in all coils and connections
  • Replacement of motor capacitors
  • Inspect the internal cabinets for mold development and contaminants?
  • For mold and mildew prevention, clean and sterilize the evaporator coil?
  • Check for good air circulation at all supply vents
  • Examine and test the safety controls
  • Ensure that all pumps and associated gear are in working order
  • Make that the reversing valve is working correctly?
  • Ensure that the motor and blower bearings are lubricated?
  • Make a note of any corrosion areas and, if necessary, add protective film to the equipment?
  • Controls and switches should be inspected, cleaned, and sprayed
  • Replace the battery('s) for thermostat and check calibration
  • Check for the correct operation of all electrical components
  • Check all wiring connections and, if necessary, replace them
  • Replace contactor relays to ensure operation
  • Check the running amperage of the compressor
  • Keeping track of motor amperes can help you compare visits in the future
  • Check the equipment that controls the flow of refrigerant
  • Refrigerant pressures should be tested and monitored
  • Examine the operating temperatures as well as the temperature decrease across the coils
  • Evaluation of the system's efficiency
  • Upon conclusion of a maintenance visit, you will receive full report

Everyone wants to ensure that their air conditioning system will keep them cool in the summer and warm in the winter. A regular AC maintenance schedule will provide you with this comfort, It's comprehensive and it serves our customers well. It's worthwhile to enroll in this now. It's not too late for maintenance If you bought a modern heating or cooling system, you want to make sure it's operating effectively and that you're receiving good value for your money. If your air conditioner is near the end of its 10- to 15-year typical lifespan and you have no plans to replace it, it is vital to get it serviced regularly. As Ignoring routine AC maintenance might result in expensive repairs and replacements